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About Revel & Light

Revel & Light is not your typical candle company. We don’t just hire candles for the sake of hiring candles. We really believe that lighting is a crucial (and often overlooked) element of an event or a wedding, and can make a world of difference in setting the mood and atmosphere in a space. We appreciate that there are many elements that when combined, can create a luxury vibe and mood. As a final touch, what better than clean-burning, long-lasting, safe, luxury candles?

Our luxury candles are designed with different experiences in mind. We want to enhance the luxury events space by providing breathtaking candlelight that can take your decor and overall experience to the next level. We saw that people wanted candles for their weddings or events, but found the common issues of using candles that left soot on hurricane vases, wax drippings on linen and tables, and most times were unable to be reused after the event. 

At Revel & Light, we focus on creating luxury candlelight installations to enhance your overall experience. Our luxury candles are the first of its kind in New Zealand and it was important to us that everything was custom made - from our hand blown vases, special blend wax, to our custom wicks. This is part of the reason that we offer a full-service, to ensure that every single candle is handled in a safe manner. Our exclusive full-service includes our friendly, professional team who will handle all your candlelight needs for your event. We ensure that our luxury candles are polished, setup, lit prior to your event starting, and packed away once your event is finished.

Whether you have hundreds of candles on site or 50, our team will be there to ensure you can have your magical, luxury candlelight experience.

Let's Create Magic!